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Welcome to all lovers of biodiversity, the environment and aquatic ecosystems. The purpose of this blog is none other than adding the experiences, images and information needed to enjoy each of the wetlands in the province of Granada.

This experience will take place through raids on these places for study and enjoyment. About every week our team of collaborators will move to a new area to capture images and reveal secrets and interesting information on it.

We will try to have specialists in the field and bring both known and familiar places as the most unknown and inaccessible. Obviously, we accept constructive reviews in order to improve and revise our publications. Moreover, you can join us if you you’re in the area and you wish colaborate, for those that we program the go hanging in successive innings.

Without more, we encourage you to fellowship, propose new sites and provide information. Cheer up! Let’s complete blog for hikers, nature lovers and anyone who wants to learn more about the wealth that lies the province of Granada.


Nacho Vilchez. Administrator.

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